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Luigi ROSSI - Oratorio per la Settimana Santa

Songs of Irrelevance and Passion (CD1) & Meta(M)Orpheus (CD2): Frescobaldi Arie Musicali, John Cage

There is substantial overlap between the fields of early music and contemporary music, and the performances on this release by the Luxembourgeois vocal group cantoLX and conductor Frank Agsteribbe are fully adequate. Indeed, Agsteribbe achieves a novel sound in the short songs of Frescobaldi: in contrast to the large, operatic continuo groups that have been used in this repertory, he restricts the continuo to harpsichord and theorbo. This produces a clean effect that puts the focus on the singers and remains true to the chamber uses of the music. The singers manage the extended vocal techniques in the Cage pieces without sounding like they're treading in hostile territory.
Review by James Manheim

Agsteribbe is leider van het ensemble van CantoLX. Een ensemble dat gevestigd is in Luxemburg. Maar zoals muzikanten nu eenmaal zijn: ze van overal. Maar dus met basis in Luxemburg. Ze zingen het vocale repertoire van Frescobaldi. Gealterneerd met solo vocale muziek van John Cage. Ook hier functioneert die muziek goed samen. Zoals in een maaltijd een sorbet even kan dienen om het verhemelte wat verfrissing te bieden, is de Cagemuziek nuttig om even de focus te verleggen.
Opvallend is dat die twintigste muziek allerminst schrikbarend is. De tijden zijn duidelijk veranderd. Voorts is het een prachtig vocaal ensemble, mooie balans. Solistisch, zonder bravoure. Geheel dienstbaar aan de muziek. Een mooie combinatie.
Lucas Huybrechts

"The ensemble cantoLX follow up the success of their recording of the complete volume I of Girolamo Frescobaldi’s Arie Musicali (1630) with this recording of volume II. The group’s six singers, who appear as soloists and equally effectively as an ensemble, are supported by a reduced continuo team of theorbo and harpsichord. It has to be said that this very much throws the spotlight on to the singers, who however exploit this added exposure with some highly dramatic evocations of their texts, employing beautifully expressive singing and neatly applied ornaments."
Early Music Review

"Voici bel et bien vingt merveilleux joyaux aux multiples et et séduisantes facettes, offrant mille surprises et garantissant 73 minutes d'un ravissement perpétuel. Une réussite rare dans ce type de répertoire. Jetez-vous sur ce disque qui émeut le coeur et l'âme tant qu'il est encore disponible."
José Voss


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Recording Flemish Requiem
Ghent, 25-29 September

From 25 to 29 September, cantoLX and l'Ensemble de la Chapelle Saint-Marc under the musical direction of Frank Agsteribbe recorded their new CD with Funeral masses by Pierre Hercule Brehy and Joseph-Hector Fiocco.
This CD will be distributed on the label Et'Cetera.
The recording is made possible thanks to the financial support of the University of Antwerp.